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Worship Associate is Maima Fant

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Includes a reflection offered by Michael Orange.

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On this audio:

Excerpt from Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

Reflection offered by Bill Doherty

Excerpt from Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

Reflection offered by Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs

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This audio begins with a reflection offered by Rev. Dave Ruffin.

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This audio begins with a reflection offered by worship associate Angela Wilcox.

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This audio includes a story for all ages offered by Rev. KP Hong followed by an Easter message offered by Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs

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This service begins with worship associate Rene Meyer-Grimberg reading March Parish Hall artist Ken Starlin's artist statement. Following Rob's reflection, there is a writing prompt offered by community editors from St. Paul Almanac.

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Here are links to the books Dane references in his sermon:






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This podcast begins with a reflection offered by worship associate Avi Viswanathan.

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Arthur Foote Music Sunday Order of Service (PDF)

Individual Tracks: Please click HERE to listen to individual tracks.

  1. Spiegel im Spiegel - Arvo Pärt
  2. Words of Welcome
  3. Peace Flows Into Me - Jake Runestad
  4. Call to Worship/Peace Chant/Responsive Reading (Thich Nhat Hanh‎)
  5. Nada Te Turbe - Jake Runestad // Soloists: Brian Newhouse, Chris Crosby-Schmidt
  6. Prayer
  7. A Breathing Peace - Daniel Elder // Soloists: Cathy Crosby-Schmidt, Mary Baremore 
  8. Reflection
  9. Sing Wearing the Sky - Jake Runestad // Soloists: Jeannine Robinette, Anna Meek
  10. Offering words
  11. I Am - Melanie Horn
  12. Dansi Na Kiumba - Swahili partner song
  13. Deep in the Quiet Woods - James Weldon Johnson
  14. The Peace of Wild Things - Jake Runestad
  15. Reflection
  16. We Can Mend the Sky - Jake Runestad // Soloists: KrisAnne Weiss, Teresa Tierney, Blake Morgan
  17. Prayer and Benediction
  18. Postlude


Personnel List
Unity Choir
Unity Singers
Women's Ensemble
Children's Choir
Worship Associate: Marg Walker
Readers: Marg Walker, Don Lee, Brian Newhouse
Violin: Nancy Oliveros
Percussion: Elizabeth Giffin, Steve Lewis
Children's Choir Director: Kathleen Radspinner
Children's Choir Pianist: Priscilla Morton
Pianist and Musical Assistant: Kathy Kraulik
Director of Music Ministries: Ruth Palmer
Ministers: Janne and Rob Eller-Isaacs

About Arthur Foote Music Sunday
Arthur Foote was minister at Unity Church from 1945-1970. Upon his death in 1999 the Arthur Foote Music Fund was created as a permanent endowment to provide an annual music Sunday in his memory. Currently the endowment supports a portion of Foote Music Sunday expenses. Click here to make an online donation to the fund and include "Arthur Foote Music Fund" in the comments section. Thank you!

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This sermon podcast begins with a reflection on Coming of Age offered by Drew Danielson, Unity's Coordinator of Youth and Campus Ministry, and then a Collage of Voices of the 2015 Coming of Age class credos. 

This podcast begins with a reflection offered by worship associate Heidi Mastrud.

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Direct download: When_Love_for_Labor_is_Lost_Dane_Smith_August_31_2014.mp3
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This audio begins with a reflection offered by worship associate Heidi Mastrud.

Direct download: The_Importance_of_Place_Helen_Pohlig_August_17_2014.mp3
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Direct download: Scarcity_in_the_Midst_of_Abundance_Jen_Welsh_August_10_2014.mp3
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This podcast begins with a reflection offered by worship associate Diane Ross.

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Three reflections offered (in order) by Rick Koyle, Joan Velasquez, and Segundo Velasquez.

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This podcast begins with a collage of reflections from Unity's 2014 Coming of Age class.

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This podcast begins with eulogies for public figures who died in 2013.

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This sermon is from Pledge Drive Sunday.

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Direct download: Why_I_Garden_Patricia_Ohmans_July_23_2013.mp3
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A compilation of reflections offered by members of Unity's Mano a Mano Community Outreach Ministry Teams.

This podcast begins with the Buddhist parable, "The Monk and the Strawberry."

This sermon podcast begins with a reflection offered by Drew Danielson, Unity's Coordinator of Youth and Campus Ministries, about Coming of Age. It also includes a Collage of Voices from Unity's 2013 Coming of Age class.

Direct download: A_New_Community_Rev._Rob_Eller-Isaacs_April_28_2013.mp3
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Direct download: A_Letter_From_Beyond_Buy_Shares_April_14_2013.mp3
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This sermon podcast begins with a Story for All Ages told by Unity's Director of Religious Education Kerri Meyer.

Direct download: Circling_the_New_Jim_Crow_Rev._Rob_Eller-Isaacs_January_20_2013.mp3
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Includes eulogies from Rev. Janne Eller-Isaacs and Hallman Ministerial Intern Mae Gibson Wall.

Direct download: A_Tolling_of_Bells_Rev._Rob_Eller-Isaacs_January_6_2013.mp3
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Direct download: A_Simple_Way_to_Save_My_Sanity_Rev._Dr._William_Schulz_December_9_2012.mp3
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Direct download: The_Color_of_Our_Labor_Dane_Smith_September_2_2012.mp3
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