Unity Church-Unitarian Sunday Services Podcast (Worship Theme: Belonging)

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This podcast is a series of reflections offered by Rev. Janne Eller-Isaacs and worship associate Ray Wiedmeyer.

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This podcast begins with a reflection offered by worship associate Don Lorr.

On the eve of General Assembly in Minneapolis, join Lissa Gundlach, Worship Associate Ann Kirby McGill and Nathan Eckstein for a special service celebrating Lissa’s ministry at Unity and exploring dimensions of belonging to the larger body of Unitarian Universalists.

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"It is easy to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great person is the one who, in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude." Emerson’s words point toward a creative response to the inherent tension between independence and belonging. As we turn toward summer Rob and Worship Associate Nick Raths will offer the service.

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