Unity Church-Unitarian Sunday Services Podcast

This audio begins with a reflection offered by worship associate Angela Wilcox.

Sunday, December 4, 2016
Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs, Co-Minister
Angela Wilcox, Worship Associate

Gathering Music
Words of Welcome Rob Eller-Isaacs
Ringing the Bell
Something Within — words and music Lucie Eddie Campbell; arr. Robert L. Morris
... Something within me I cannot explain. All that I know there is something within.
Call to Worship Angela Wilcox
Chalice Lighting
*Opening Hymn Earth Moves in a Mysterious Way
Earth moves in a mysterious way, her wonders to unfold
She fashions beauty out of clay, like straw spun into gold
I lose her voice amid the din, and clamor all around
But if I listen to the wind, I hear her sacred sound
And though this human enterprise, is poised ’tween hope and hell,
Earth circles in her endless dance, and whispers “All is well”
Earth moves in a mysterious way, her wonders to unfold
She fashions beauty out of clay, our mother and our home
*Responsive Affirmation (439) We Gather in Reverence
When I breathe in, I breathe in peace. When I breathe out, I breathe out love.
Embracing Meditation
Minister’s Prayer
Offering Music
The Heaven’s Flock (Paulann Petersen) — Eriks Ešenvalds
Stars, you are the heavens’ flock tangling your pale wool across the night sky.
Stars, you’re bits of oily fleece catching on barbs of darkness to swirl in black wind.
You appear, disappear by thousands, scattered wide to graze but never straying.
While I, a mere shepherd of these words, am lost.
What can I do but build a small blaze and feed it with branches the trees let fall:
that twiggy clatter strewn along the ground.
And lichen crusting such dead limbs glows silver, glows white.
The earthfood for a fire so unlike and like your own. Oh, what can I do but build a small blaze.
Readings Sweet Darkness — David Whyte
Leaf Huts and Snow Houses — Olav H. Hauge
Reflection Deep Listening
*Hymn of Affirmation
Listen, listen, listen to my heart’s song. (2x)
I will never forget you. I will never forsake you. (2x)
Sermon Love Begins With Listening
*Closing Hymn (226) People, Look East
Postlude Allegretto — Daquin

About the Worship Associate
Angela Wilcox was pulled to Unity Church ten years ago by her children, after they attended one day of religious education and declared that this was “for sure” their church. They were right. Those two children, Lucy and Nelson, have now launched themselves to Los Angeles and Scotland, and Angela is focusing more of her energy on issues of equity in education and cultivating a healthy sense of curiosity of what’s next. She lives in St. Paul and is grateful that we no longer have to pay large sums of money to make long distance phone calls.

About the Musicians
Unity Singers is Unity Church’s auditioned, a cappella, chamber choir. Each singer’s involvement is built on a passion for singing and willingness to work towards an ensemble of excellence capable of sharing varied musical genres with the community. All singers volunteer their talents to offer the musical gift of this ensemble and are deeply involved in the life of this church community. Ruth Palmer, Director 

About the Music
Luci Eddie Campbell (1885-1963) stands fourth in the line as one of the creators of Gospel Music. She is the first woman composer of Gospel music in the Black American Tradition. Her Gospel ballads, coupled then-current everyday language with archaic words to provide an impressive and emotional look into the singer’s mind and soul. She preferred the songs to be performed using both Gospel and European singing traditions. A good number of her existing songs have made their way into music books of almost every denomination that sings hymns.
Robert L. Morris is a highly respected choral conductor and teacher. Locally he taught at Macalester College and Concordia University. He is founder and artistic director of the Leigh Morris Chorale.