Unity Church-Unitarian Sunday Services Podcast

Thom Belote, minister at Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church in Overland Park, Kansas, preaches the concluding service of our series on resistance.

Martin Luther King Jr. was part of a community of resistance. Without Ralph Abernathy, Rosa Parks, Bayard Rustin and a host of others, there would have been no Martin Luther King Jr. Janne and Intern Minister Leon Dunkley will help us understand the many ways in which we are a community of resistance and suggest what heroism may be needed now.

We know what’s good for us. But for some reason we hesitate to do those things we know full well will help us to be happier, healthier, more effective, more loving people.

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We begin each New Year with a service to honor those who have died in the previous year. The ministers will eulogize a number of "world shapers" artists, musicians, writers and leaders.