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There is a challenging passage in the Gospel of Matthew (2:16-18) to which we return, year after year. We ask what scared King Herod so much that he unleashed such violence upon the world. What strength within us is tough enough to resist him?

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Every great religious tradition kindles new light in the midst of the darkness.

This question is legitimately asked by people new to Unitarian Universalism. Though our religious taproot is the Judeo-Christian heritage, our religious perspective and inspiration is not confined there. At the same time, we do not throw away the powerful stories or images that exist in the Christian narrative. This Sunday we will celebrate the ancient invitation to rebirth and renewal. This podcast includes the Story for All Ages delivered by Kerri Meyer.

Is our relationship with Jesus beyond repair? We say we follow Jesus but we do not worship him. What exactly might that mean? As we once again await his birth, we will reconsider our relationship to Jesus.

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Such a small thing to be thankful for... not even three feet square. In 1936, Georgia O’Keefe put oil on canvass. She painted the skull of a deer and some flowers floating in the clouds above a barren range of gentle hills as a way of saying "thank you" for their beauty and their gift. What great and small things have we to be thankful for?