Unity Church-Unitarian Sunday Services Podcast

Our dear friends in Homorodszpeter, our partner village in Transylvania, have done so much to deepen and enrich our lives. Ray Wiedmeyer, recently returned from pilgrimage, will offer a reflection on his journey as the whole Unity Church family gathers to give thanks.

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Saying thank you is good manners but it can be ever so much more. Giving thanks can be a way of life. It can be a deeply nourishing spiritual practice.

Like grammar and syntax provide structure for our language and communication, gratitude can provide the underlying structure to our lives. Explore the role that gratitude can play in everyday living, particularly when challenged with pain and disappointment.

We owe so much to so many. As we prepare our minds and hearts for the election Tuesday let’s think about thanking the Georges; George the Third, George Washington, George M. Cohan, George Gershwin and yes friends, the Georges Bush.

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