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Throughout the centuries people in the public realm have had to be accountable for their destructive or immoral behavior. Some refused to apologize, while others lied and schemed about their illicit deeds. Others have apologized but to what aim? Explore the dimensions of public apologies. Is the common good enhanced or diminished by public apologies and what constitutes the difference?

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Sometimes, forgiveness in the world outside depends on forgiveness in the world inside, on the delicate grace of self-acceptance, on a turbulent courage that one might call "deepest hope." Sometimes our own best efforts fail us and fail us well...right into the open arms of a noble gift.

Mark says of his sermon, "Give me that old time religion because today’s world needs 19th century Universalism’s proclamation of a loving God as much as it ever has."

We enter into the spirit of the Jewish High Holy Days contemplating the story of Jonah the reluctant prophet. But we won’t focus so much on his reluctance as on his inability to forgive.