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The Idolatry of Symbols by Rev. Karen Gustafson

Karen was ordained by the Duluth Unitarian Universalist congregation in 1986. She is a graduate of the Starr King School for the ministry in Berkeley California. Before becoming an minister, Karen was a public school educator in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. She is married and has four just- barely-adult children. Karen is inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver, Denise Levertov and Wendell Berry and time in the woods and near the lakes of northern Minnesota.

This sermon explores symbols and the power they can hold over us.

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Gates, Alarms, Mace, and Faith: Finding Real Security in an Insecure Age. ByJustin Schroeder

What makes us safe, really safe? Is it a home alarm system, razor wire, the truth, or a hand gun next to our bed? How secure is secure enough, and what's faith got to do with it?

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March 4, 9:00am, 11:00am, and 4:30pm Delivered at www.unityunitarian.org.


We strive for excellence, but when does it become too much? When does our pursuit of improving our careers, our homes, families, bodies, our very selves become too much? When does our drive to be better keep us from doing anything at all? What awakens this drive is us? What feeds it? What can it offer us? As part of our Lenten series on idolatry, Sabbatical Minister Teresa Schwartz and Worship Associate Karen Palmen will explore the idolatry of perfectionism.

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