Unity Church-Unitarian Sunday Services Podcast

Rev. Jennifer Crow, First Unitarian Church of Rochester, New York  delivered at www.unityunitarian.org

Effective leadership requires genuine concern, curious listening, humility,and bold vision - a tricky combination whether your find yourself seated in the oval office, around the board room or at the family dinner table. How can we, as leaders and as members of our country, our church, and our families, encourage one another to embrace this difficult balance? What can past leaders teach us about how to proceed — either by way of warning or by way of example? How might we offer and earn the trust required for the emergence of a humble vision in our relationships? Let us explore these tricky questions together

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"Deep Democracy?

Teresa Schwartz

How do our “democratic ideals? line up with our basic lived values, in our lives, and in the world? How is our democracy failing us? Or have we failed it? In this service, Teresa Schwartz and worship associate, Dick Buggs, will look at ways to ground ourselves in a democracy that is life-giving, transformative, and reminds us that as a part of the interconnected web of life, we must work toward the common good.


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"Beloved Community" by Justin Schroeder

Delivered at www.unityunitarian.org.


What we do we mean when we talked about "Beloved Community"? How do we recognize the "Beloved Community," and how do we know if we're there? On this Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday, we'll explore visions and intersections of "Beloved Community," "Mountain Top" experiences, and the "Kingdom of God."

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"Tolling of Bells" - Rob Eller-Isaacs and Janne Eller-Isaacs

January 7, 9:00, 11:00 and 4:30 pm. Delivered at www.unityunitarian.org.

We begin each new year with a memorial service for those who have died in the previous year. Rob and Janne will each eulogize men and women whose lives have shaped the world of art or politics, literature or science.Everyone will have an opportunity to acknowledge those they’ve loved and lost. In grief and gratitude and gladness we turn to welcome the new year.


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