Unity Church-Unitarian Sunday Services Podcast

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Nic Cable, Ministerial Intern
Rochelle Lockridge, Worship Associate

Gathering Music It is Well with My Soul
Philip P. Bliss; arr. John Purifoy

Prelude Present — Footfall
If you ever wonder if I am thinking of you
Watch the rain fall on our hearts
It makes its mark to wash the darkness away
If I ever wonder if you are here beside me
Watch the tears fall on our souls
Where we hold hope and love all our days
And if we ever wonder if we can walk the long road
Watch the sun give us this gift of the day
As we make our way through the here and now

Call to Worship Rochelle Lockridge

*Opening Hymn (6) Just as Long as I Have Breath

*Responsive Reading (610) The Journey of Love


When I breathe in, I breathe in peace. When I breathe out, I breathe out love.

Embracing Meditation

Minister’s Prayer

Interlude Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
arr. Carol Tornquist

Offering Music Sister, Sit on Down — Footfall
Sister, sit on down. Sister, sit on sit on down. Sister, sit on down
Tell me something I don’t know
Tell me something about where you want to go
Tell me something I forgot about to love or hope or know
Make a space to let it in
Take a break to start your heart again
Wake up knowing that it’s easy to find yourself a friend
Talk your way onto the ride
Shake off the shadows of your pride
Walk into the world knowing that we’re right here by your side

Readings A Hidden Wholeness — Parker Palmer
A Sikh Prayer for America on November 9, 2016 — Valarie Kaur

*Hymn of Affirmation (1) May Nothing Evil Cross This Door

Sermon The Power of the Shared Table

*Closing Hymn I Know I Can


Postlude Peace Call — Woodie Guthrie/arr. Footfall
Open your hearts to the paradise to the peace of heavenly angels
Take away that woeful shadow dancing on your wall
Take to the skies of peace of friends, of the peace of one great spirit
Get ready for my bugle call of peace
Chorus: Peace peace peace
I can hear the bugle sounding, roaming around my land, my city and my town
Peace peace peace
I can hear the voices ringing, louder while my bugle calls for peace
If these storms fill your heart with a thousand kinds of worry
Keep to my road of peace, you’ll never have to fear
Keep in the sun and look around, in the face of peace and plenty
Get ready for my bugle call of peace
I’ll clear my house of the weed of fear and turn to the friends around me
With my smile of peace, I’ll greet them one and all
I’ll work, I’ll fight, I’ll dance, I’ll sing, of peace of the youthful spirit
Get ready for my bugle call of peace

About the Worship Leader
Nic Cable is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Religious Studies, as well as Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies. Nic received his Master of Divinity from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2014. In the few years prior to coming to Unity Church, he lived in Michigan where his wife pursued her law degree. During this time, Nic worked full time for the UUA in Stewardship and Development, and part time with the UU Church of Greater Lansing. Nic feels blessed to learn and grow as a ministerial intern at Unity Church this year and is looking forward to getting to know the community.

About the Worship Associate
Rochelle Lockridge was lured by the sweet siren’s song of the Unity Choir singing from the balcony in 2002. She has been a member of the choir and the Unity Church family ever since. After careful consideration she has expanded her involvement to include serving as a worship associate. Rochelle lives in Maplewood, newly venturing out to build her own management consulting business. In addition to following her passions in grand-parenting, music, and digital storytelling, she has recently rediscovered the joys of Ballroom dancing.

About the Musicians
Footfall is what happened when folk, punk, rock, classical and good common sense converged. If a label helps, alt country is where we landed. We hope you’ll agree but mostly just want you along for the ride. Footfall is Jim Christiansen and Debbie Cushman. We’ve been playing music together for about fifteen years. Jim plays guitar, slide guitar and mandolin. He also sings a mean harmony line and can be nudged into lead. Debbie brings guitar, vocals, piano and dreams of fiddle playing. Songwriting is shared and so is banter over covers. The day jobs pay for the gear. The music feeds the soul. 

Kathleen Bartholomay, a long-time member, has enjoyed a rich history of musical involvement at Unity Church: accompanying Unity’s adult choir, coordinating summer music, and sharing her musical gifts in recitals, memorial services, weddings, and other occasions. She sings with the St. Paul Vocal Forum, and is completing her training to become a music therapist. Kathleen holds a Master of Music degree from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. www.twincitiespianist.com